Our national pride

Classes in traditional Polish cooking


Polish cuisine is among the tastiest around the globe, and we would like all the world to learn our techniques of preparing some of the most traditional dishes! We will share all our secrets which have been handed down from generation to generation. Be ready for a feast of a lifetime!

Price: 199 PLN / person. Classes are in English.

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We care about your body and soul
Under a watchful eye
The best of the best
Our chef will guide you through all the secrets of a foreign cuisine, helping you make stunning dishes, while still having fun!
Cooking with wine
Polish local alcohol
Each of our classes includes a glass of red / white wine or local alcohol. We also offer a stocked bar for those who fancy vodka or beer.
A good start
Traditional appetisers
Every good meal starts with a great appetiser. Our chef has prepared a selection of tasty treats to get you in the mood!
Dopieścimy Twoje kubki smakowe
Typical menu

A local feast


Polish breakfast

  • Regional cold cuts
  • Cheeses from around the country
  • Jams & preserves
  • Assorted breads
  • Drop scones with apples (cooked by the class)

Main dishes

  • Meat pierogi dumplings
  • ‘Russian style’ pierogi (with potatoes and cottage cheese)


  • A selection of traditional cakes

The dishes are prepared by the participants of the class under the supervision of our talented chefs. The ingredients are pre-measured and the recipes are tested so that even beginner cooks can turn out delicious meals. You will discover many new ingredients and spices and also learn a great deal about the history of each dish you are making.

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Culinary workshop plan

Just workshops
199 / person
Make some of Poland's most traditional dishes from recipes passed down through generations. You will learn all the tricks & tips to recreate them anywhere in the world!
  • Polish breakfast
  • Meat and "Russian style" pierogi
  • Polish dessert
The best choice
Workshops + Polish liqours tasting
249 / person
What mixes best with Polish food? Vodka of course! Every guest gets eight 20 ml shots of Polish liquors to get them in the mood for cooking (and perhaps much more).
  • Polish breakfast
  • Meat and "Russian style" pierogi
  • Polish dessert
  • Polish liqours tasting
All inclusive
Workshops + Polish liqour tasting
299 / person
Add a 'PyC' apron to your collection, or take home a souvenir from Poland. Made from a special blend, the aprons are easy to wash - even after the messiest of cooks!
  • Polish breakfast
  • Meat and "Russian style" pierogi
  • Polish dessert
  • Polish liquors tasting
  • Polish Your Cooking apron
Our studio

Where is the workshop?

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