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Cooking Classes

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Studio classes take about 3-4 hours, while the online version takes around 2-3 hours. During in-person classes, we start with a buffet of snacks and wine, then move on to cooking and conclude with a grand feast. Online classes are divided into 2-3 sessions, during which we prepare different dishes and take breaks for tasting and chatting.

Yes! You'll get all the recipes via email after the cooking classes. No need to jot anything down – you'll receive a comprehensive list of ingredients, exact measurements and step-by-step cooking instructions.

Absolutely! Our cooking classes are all about having a blast, and our chefs explain everything as we go along. We also have a rule that each participant prepares the dishes from the menu from start to finish – so don't worry, we won't have you peeling potatoes while others learn how to make the perfect steak.

It's often possible, but please reach out to us to confirm. Just a heads up, we won't be offering a gluten-free version for our bestselling workshop "I f***ing love gluten!" or a vegetarian version for "The Holy Trinity of Carnivores." Everything else is up for negotiation

Absolutely, you not only can, but you should! Cooking joy is meant to be shared. Head over to the vouchers section, and we'll tell you all about the voucher options, how they work and how to pick the perfect one for the person you're gifting.

Of course! Get in touch to work out the details. Our guests often book birthday parties, family gatherings, and, of course, corporate team-building events!

Online classes

Would you rather cook at home?

Do we deliver to your address? Check here: https://bit.ly/delivery_map (areas marked in green, orange, and red are covered by delivery). We'll bring the ingredients to your door using refrigerated transport on the day of the classes (delivery is overnight, so during registration, we'll ask for your entry code to the building). If your address isn't in the delivery zone, you can have the ingredients delivered to your office or to a friend's place within the zone - you'll have the entire day to collect the package before the class begins.

You sure do! While cooking online, we have a chat moderator present in the studio who promptly addresses participants' questions. If needed, the moderator interrupts the chef to relay the question for them to answer in real time.

Studio Classes

Not sure what options to pick?

Our open cooking classes are primarily in Polish. If a class is planned in English, you'll find that information on the product icon and page. If you still want to attend a class in Polish, bring a friend who can help you translate the main instructions – we guarantee you'll learn a lot from the practical part!

Totally! Many of our guests come without a plus one and end up meeting other foodies here, quickly making friends. We cook in pairs, so you definitely won't be left a wallflower. Our guests get along so well that they often continue the fun with an after-party at one of the nearby bars!

Team building

How do we bring your team together?

Of course! Our Chefs are fluent in both Polish and English. We host team-building events for international or mixed teams. During classes in English, all instructions, recipes and communication with the chef are exclusively in English. And guess what? The language you pick won't affect the price of the event!

In-person team building typically runs for about 3-4 hours, while online versions around 2-3 hours. During the team building, there's time for culinary rivalry, tasting of the dishes, and relaxed team bonding. We also offer the option to extend your stay at our studio, perhaps for a presentation or a business meeting. Feel free to reach out to inquire about options and prices for your chosen date!

We provide a warm welcome treat for our guests so that nobody cooks on an empty stomach! This treat is included in the price, just like beverages, goodie bags and certificates. Appetisers await participants before the event starts – if someone from the group (and there are always a few) arrives early, they can take a seat at the table, sample the appetisers and wait for the rest of the team.

Water and juices (apple and orange) are included, while carbonated drinks are available upon request. Many teams also opt for a coffee buffet if the class takes place during the day, or an open bar with wine or beer for evening classes.

The online class is a perfect solution for remote teams. All participants connect from their respective locations to the studio's live stream and, following the chef's guidance, prepare the dishes selected by the organiser. The in-person class is held at our studio and offers a great opportunity for face-to-face interaction if participants work together or can meet in one location. All scenarios are prepared in collaboration with business psychologists, so no matter which format you choose, you'll leave satisfied, well-fed and in a team spirit!

The in-studio event has several stages. Firstly, we welcome the guests with light refreshments and a glass of wine, provide a brief introduction and divide them into groups. Each team cooks different dishes, often from various cuisines. During the class, teams compete in categories such as speed, taste and dish presentation. After the competition, the Polish Your Cooking jury selects the winning team, presents them with a prize, and finally, we move on to the tasting! Of course, everyone can sample the dishes prepared by all teams. After the grand feast, it's time for goodie bags and continue the team building fun.

The online class kicks off early in the morning. Participants receive perfectly portioned ingredients at their doorsteps. At the designated start time, guests connect to the studio's live stream. After a brief introduction and welcome from the head chef, the culinary competition begins... Each from their own kitchen! During breaks between cooking, participants have time for virtual team building. After the formal part concludes and winners are announced, many often stay online for hours, enjoying the fun time.

Absolutely, we've never had anyone leave hungry! If there happens to be leftovers, which is quite common, we provide takeout containers at our studio.

During the team-building event, participants are divided into groups, and each group prepares dishes from a different cuisine. This way, by the end of the workshop, we have more delicious treats to taste! Within each team, dishes are prepared from start to finish, so after the event, every participant can recreate the dishes at home using the recipe we provide.

Alcohol is available in the open bar format, and during the event, you can also order wine by the carafe and bottled beer. Strong spirits are available exclusively as part of a bartender package.

We accept payments by card or bank transfer. Our invoices include links for quick electronic payments.

For each event, we issue an invoice with a 23% VAT.