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Welcome to Polish Your Cooking
At Polish your Cooking, we are committed to improving your culinary skills and teaching our guests about local cultures. We are here to show that cooking is neither boring nor difficult, and it is a great way for people to mingle. We want you to become as passionate as we are about food!

Join us at our culinary workshops – Michał Piosik
Cooking courses
Cuisines from around the world
Have a great time while at the same time perfecting your cooking skills. Specialists in global cuisines will show you how to cook tasty, healthy and simple meals.
Strengthen your team
Team Bulding
Are you looking for ideas for a company party? Our team-building cooking classes are an effective and fun way of building new relationships between staff.
For Tourists
Polish food and culture
We are proud of our country's traditional dishes – the hot and cold foods, as well as the alcohol. That's why we are passionate about showing off our rich culinary history.
Our national pride
Traditional Polish cooking
Polish cuisine is among the tastiest around the globe, and we would like all the world to learn our techniques of preparing some of the most traditional dishes! We will share all our secrets which have been handed down from generation to generation. Be ready for a feast of a lifetime!
Warsaw – Price: 199 PLN / person.
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A national food treasure
Polishing your culinary skills
Every culture in the world cooks a kind of dumpling – velvety dough with a savoury filling of meat or vegetables. Poles have Pierogi – a national treasure loved the width and breadth of the country. We want to share our grandmothers’ secrets on how to make the best pierogi.
Warsaw – Price: 199 PLN / person.
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Under a watchful eye
The best of the best
Our workshops are not only great fun, but also educational. You can hone your cooking skills while being coached by some of the best chefs in the business.
Wining and Dining
Red and White wine helps you cook
Each of our workshops comes with a free glass of red or white wine at no extra charge. Enquire about our educational vodka tastings!
Off to a great start
A delicious appetizer to get you in the mood
Every good meal starts with a delicious starter. This is why we are better than the competition. Our clients eat great food from beginning to end.
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